New Scenario added

Whilst going nuts waiting for steam's arbitrary 2 week timer to run out before I could release, I decided to take it upon myself to add an extra scenario.
The new scenario is based on the legend of zelda: a link to the past and uses tools such as the hookshot, bombs, and the bow.

Unfortunately, there's only one bonus scene added, when defeated by slimes. But a lot of my scripts just werent behaving the way they did in previous parts of the game (pathfinding orcs still work!)

Still, hopefully you should actually enjoy the new gameplay. mightve doubled the playtime.


Steam Adult patch - kate's 5 MB
Feb 17, 2018
Kate's test.exe 54 MB
Feb 17, 2018

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Steam now allows fully-adult content so there's no need for a separate Steam uncensor patch.  Might want to consider updating the Steam version with the uncensored stuff if you haven't already done so.


If enough people ask I will, but people don't really seem to care about this game anymore.