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This game is for Adults Only!

The game is still in a demo state, I expect each floor to be a lot bigger in the final game. I have almost completed the assets to complete the 2nd floor. But the demo is a demo and won't be updated. I expect the full game to be completed by April.

On the trail of her missing friend, Marisa the adventurer enters the great Lustlock Labyrinth.
A magical dungeon of untold power...

Those who challenge the dungeon risk everything, their sanity, their bodies, even their names are at risk.
For the one who conquers the dungeon? Their hearts desire made reality... those that lose become permanent residents...

Of course, Marisa is above such temptations... She only has her friend's safety in her mind.
Can she reach the deepest floor and defeat the dungeon keeper? Or will she lose everything?


A dark fantasy first person dungeon rpg!

Map out each floor as you explore!

A wide variety of cute girls to fight, Death is forbidden!

Collect Items, Learn new skills, and best your enemies

Grapple attacks - Some enemies will grapple you and you will have to struggle free.

Often, you'll have to choose between brute forcing and enemy, or learning the enemies attack pattern to maxmise damage.
If you think they're going to do a lewd attack you can punish them with crit damage! but if they're not you waste a turn.

With this in mind, the game is balanced so no grinding is necessary. With smart play and good usage of items found in the dungeon, Marisa can overcome any challenge.

The game controls with mouse and keyboard.
Use either wasd or arrow keys to navigate the dungeon, and the mouse to navigate menus and selecting battle commands.

C to interact.


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So it is Game over if you lose ? do you have to restart the level or the entire Game ? are there scenes for Losing ?

there's scenes for losing and game overs for losing to bosses. i still need to add something to make it clear when youre standing in a boss room,but currently its kinda obvious, since the boss has a sprite in the dungeon

ahh ok  thanks 

So, I'd like to just say a few things. This is a demo, and you said you won't update this, but I'd like to give a little bit of feedback.

  • As far as I'm aware, nowhere does it say that the "C" button is to interact with stuff. Maybe you should add an extra line of text saying this, or if you don't feel like going to that much effort, maybe just mention this on the game page.
  • Having the option to swap "Q and E" and "A and D" around would make the game a little more comfortable to control for some people. Also perhaps an option to make "S" move you backwards instead of turning you around.
  • I don't believe there is a pause menu that would allow you to use items outside of battle. That's something you should definitely add. Maybe I just missed it, and in that case, you should probably tell the player what button activates it.

Also, I have a question.

  • How did you go about creating these dungeon layouts? Did you create some kind of editor tool to help, or did you just create the dungeon geometry by hand?

there is an item menu but its debug stuff, it comes with a prompt to addmore items

the dungeon layouts are just game makers basic room editor with a top down view

hmm wy only female enemies not even tentacels or male enemies
also its the same as the other game here on itch.io

the 2nd and 3rd bosses are gonna be men.
My game is more like lilipalace and raidy than lewdest labyrinth, which doesnt have text scenes with their lewd scenes.
also Lustlock Labyrinth is the title i chose because i wanna sell the game on steam, the more lewd title is Dickdown Dungeon.
The main reason for the majority of enemies being female though is getting to strip them when you win

https://twitter.com/azurezeroart/status/1186892483302776833 more preview images here.

The game softlocks almost immediately after the first door. A few steps past the door, you automatically turn to the right and can no longer move.

damn, must be an older version. will up a new demo soon

https://mega.nz/#!nxhnUY7C!n6Raar1niS-hM0Bwv7zU-zK7pts-Z5s_e80dijdHInM this version works apparently, ill be swapping it in

Got an error after losing to the boss in this one:

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object map:

Unable to find any instance for object index '55' name 'o_player'
at gml_Object_map_Draw_64


is weird for it to be messing up now when its worked for ages.
but i'll look into it.