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bundle with both marielle games https://itch.io/s/12920/marielles-majestic-mammaries-bundle

Disclaimer - This game features graphics and pictures of a sexual nature some might find disturbing, upsetting or laughable. Adults only.

Milk Megami Marielle is a sidescrolling action game with adult content.

One day, Marielle is out in the woods when a witch strikes her with a curse, her boobs swell and produce milk. Now she must fight to stop a nefarious sweets making company from using her as a milk slave.

Simple linear platformer, Marielle has a simple set of moves in her arsenal. She can throw fire with her fists and Uppercut enemies for massive damage, but she needs to be careful not to get grabbed by them.


  • Clothing damage - her clothing can absorb up to 2 hits of anything before enemies can grab her.
  • A struggle system - Marielle can continue struggling until her lust bar fills up entirely.
  • a bunch of game over animations to enjoy.
  • 11 hentai game over cg.
  • No lives - keep trying until you beat it!
  • Gallery mode - unlocked upon beating the game.

Estimated game time: 30 minutes.

Fetishes include - machine fucking, milking, spanking, slavery, cowgirl, huge insertion, cumflation, heart-eyes, tentacles, lesbian, spawning.


I totally love this sfx pack, they were used in all sorts of hentai games and one of my favourite games: Bunny must die... Anyone who's played that will see some of that games influence on Milk Megami Marielle


27/04 - Gallery mode added, clothing damage sfx added, few new levels.

fixed bug with the chocolate boxing levels where loss condition wouldn't trigger.

29/04 - Fixed a bug on a specific level where the character would be stuck in a box if the save flag was triggered (on restart)


some screenshots were taken from an early build of the game but the animated gif shows the updated background.

Milk Megami Marielle translates roughly to Milk Goddess Marielle
I'm fond of alliterative titles so i ended up using the japanese word.
Mari was almost called Guinevere but that title would've ended up being Gyuunyuu goddess. I went with the cuter name in this case.

First time using game makers in built saving system, which cocks up your saves every time a new room or object is added to the project.

I'm fond of this character so it might be fun to use her again in a game where she gets some actual dialogue. but i have to clear my backlog of projects first.


Get this game and 18 more for $45.00 USD
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