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Set in the world of Kate's Test https://azurezero.itch.io/kates-test
Abyssal Agent Alyss follows the story of Alyss, a succubus working as a police officer for the Demon World Police Department.
She is tasked with investigating a suspicious location in the human world that's been purchased by a notable crime family (of demonic origin),
but upon arrival Alyss swiftly finds herself in trouble.

After being rescued by the infamous Phantom Thief Sylphy, the two team up to take down an illegal kidnapping ring, and thwart the traditional demons who want to return to the days of war and strife between humans and demonkind, where power and instinct rule, and the strong tramples the weak.

Though not all is as it seems... the corruption spreads far beyond just a simple crime family... they have connections in high places... Will they triumph? Or become victims themselves? Lost to lust...

 A dark and demonic erotic RPG!

 A lewd and lustful adventure!

 2 lovely protagonists!

 A well built interconnected dungeon.

 8 lewd sex animations for when the characters are grappled in combat! (4 for each protagonist)  

Balanced combat with no grinding necessary.

This game requires the RPGMaker VX Ace RTP (google it)

GenreRole Playing
TagsErotic, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few seconds


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I got to the demon+slimes boss with just one character, I think I missed a trigger somewhere. I also didn't fight the succubus pair the first go so I think I somehow skipped that trigger too. It seems that holding the run button (Shift) or progressing through dialogue too fast seems to cause some events to behave strangely?

odd, since the succubus pair is an autorun event, unless you meant that you went to the boss without first rescuing sylphie after losing. but there should be an automatic loss event if you try to go to the boss room without her.

At the time, the game acted like I had her with me in dialogue before the boss fight and then after I lost, the game still acted like she was there during the bad end. So I dunno.

there really is an invisible barrier that triggers a scene when trying to get to the boss room alone... what order of events occured to let you get there? cause you normally lose the key to the warehouse so you need sylphy to open it

I never met her in my first run. I went in, retrieved the warehouse key, no succubus pair fight happened (IIRC I moved through the lower route between crates I think), I used the key, I navigated the warehouse (also pushed the boxes into place while there) and got to the boss, who I got to and then saw the bad end.

ah theres the issue, there shouldnt be a lower route

The  battle h-animations are smooth and super well done! Worth a download just for that.

The combat leaves a lot to be desired in terms of difficulty. It seems like there is no way to heal aside from potions that sometimes drop from battle. The issue is that they don't drop enough once Sylphy joins up and you go from 1v1 encounters to 2v4+. Without some kind of level system (at least up until the demon man/slime boss) it really makes you want to avoid combat to progress but since escaping from combat is disabled, it gets frustrating quickly. Grinding is just not worth anything. Maybe I missed some sort of store to buy more consumables?

Interested in seeing how this one grows and wish you the best of luck!

in the current version losing is the only way to fully heal, but the vending machines sell Res restoring items (though i mightve added that after the demo was released)

i do expect people to do their best to avoid battles since theres no actual level based progression yet. in my speedrun attempt i got to the sewer entrance in 9:30 but beating the boss left me on low health so i lost to an enemy after that

the animations are made with live2d but i had to export them as frames, if you think theyre smooth its cause your computer is good enough to not lag as new pictures are loaded each frame

Yea, in the demo they only sell a single bottle of Ramune and then are "sold out."

Oh! That reminds me, in the demo, I went to the hole in the wall to the where you can attempt to "squeeze into" and decided against it. After that, I would get the "stuck in the wall" scene the next time I was on that screen, even if I entered from the top or saw it from a game over. It only happened one time (didn't get stuck in a loop) but it was an odd bug none the less.

I never heard of live2d before, seems powerful! (Also, exporting them as frames sounds like that takes a ton of time and set up x.x )

the machines are only sold out while you have one, except for the one hiding the sewer entrance.

it does seem like a strange bug, that event only triggers when switch 17 is turned on (which happens when you lose)

live2d is what the cutscenes for the neptunia games are made with, as well as some fire emblem games (the headpatting game)

i just added two accessories to the game that warranted buffing the boss, accessories that give you access to lightning and water spells, which work as follows, water hits 2 random targets, and applies the wet state, thunder hits just one, but spreads to any that are wet.

since slimes are weak to lightning it's a bit too good, so i gave the boss more hp and revived the slimes with more hp. but the fight is about the same. one of the later bosses will also attempt to do it to you but by then a reflect ring is available.

What are you supposed to do after defeating the demon guy? I'm totally lost 

you take the lever to the top right of the other warehouse, but thats pretty much it for the demo

This looks amazing, can't wait to try it~