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Damsel Quest is a sidescrolling adventure game about a kidnapped Princess called Ren. it starts as a stealth based platformer where being spotted is a loss condition. but has a few scrolling shooter levels with an unusual gravity mechanic, and the later stages are more run and dodge-y than the earlier stealth levels

the loss screens feature art of the princess getting fucked by the denizens of the dark castle shes been dropped into, some feature pixel animations also.

you can find a demo here, it features the first 4/5 levels (i think)

the demo was made back when I used a demo + unlock file system, so don't be alarmed that the full game has only a little difference in file size

content warning - this game is about a kidnapped princess in a place where she's escaping from sex slavery (essentially but the sequel expands on that), either way, stay clear if you're not into that.


Get this game and 18 more for $45.00 USD
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does the download next to "name your own price" come with all the levels or just the demo levels?

should be the full game, but the game needs to access the unlock.ini to go past the demo... i think the demo text would vanish from the title screen also

if you have the ini in the game folder and the demo text isnt vanishing it needs running as admin

ok thanks, oh yea one of the scens with the green enemy doesn't show up in the gallary

i wonder if its random each time you click the scene... its been years but this is the first time i heard it

it's random each time you get caught by an enime 

i thought it might apply to the gallery too/

either way the level skip can be used to quickly get the game overs

What's the password to extract the download file?


there's a password?

it doesnt ask for one when i download it

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i no longer have a demo for this game, as my mega account got hacked.

http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE119866.html youll have to download the one from here (its the yellow button after the yes im 18 page)