DQ3 V1.1

The gallery has been added. you can access it via the sparkle in the inn(your room).

I've also added the framework for a proper expansion to the game. the girls will now split up when you rest at the inn. normally they'll be downstairs but some events will trigger them to appear elsewhere.

In anticipation of the new events, ive started work on the red light district. currently only containing one event if ren should go alone.

but in future there should be lots more to do.

the girls can now get arrested if theyre are dressed indecently in the city, but theres only one enforcer and fast travel has been added so it should not prevent you reaching anything like the inn or the library.

be sure to comment events youd like to see in the city in future.

I also added a cg to the gust of wind event in lucuria and to ren's library punishment, which is also co-opted if ren is arrested.

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