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one of my older games using a demo + unlock.ini= full game sort of system.

The witch rika is after a special magical tome but after she raids the magical library it resides in she finds someone else got there first, Rika is dropped into the dungeon depths below and must accquire new spells to climb her way back up again.

contains yuri, tentacles, the usual suspects.

some enemies have lewd grapple animations, bosses have lewd gameover animations.


zxc and arrow keys

d to swap spells once you have more than one.

up and down to aim up and down (at an angle)


Get this game and 18 more for $45.00 USD
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Say, what I am supposed to do when I am grabbed? Because I spam every button and nothing happens, I can't do anything but watch Rika being slowed drained of her health until game over.

i can't remember to be honest... i think it might just be arrow keys.
can't even find out cause the exe has gotten lost since uploading.

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No, it is not, I tried every button, the arrow keys, x, c, z, d, nothing worked, I couldn't get out of the grip.

downloaded the dlsite demo, for me left and right work. though you have to alternate

This is the first thing that I tried because I thought the most logical thing to do get out of a grip is to struggle, meaning moving in all directions, so I did alternate left and right arrow keys, and that didn't work, I was slowly drained of my health without being able to do anything.

i did it pretty fast and broke free within 4 seconds its possible that if you dont struggle fast enough the number goes down

Wow! I just encountered a severe bug. If I save at the second save point, the one which is right after I meet the other witch reading the grimoire and she sends me down, the game severely glitches to the point that I have to shut it down. I'm going to ignore this save point for now. :-3 But it needs to be fixed or removed for next players since it is not that useful since the first save point is right before the encounter with the witch and there is nothing hard between them. :-3


Hey! Why is this censored?!? I'm not a child, I want to see everything! :-3

Happy Birthday!

help my version has the pink bars blocking it how do i fix this ?

not sure, try downloading directx 9 but it might be that its just incompatible with your graphics...

show me a screencap?

there should be a box above there, if you shoot it, those dissappear
(hold up to shoot up)

it was made on an older version of game maker (gm8)

so is ther no way to fix this ?

i thought you were having graphics issues, which is common with older stuff... but no thats just a thing you need to shoot a box to open

hey that worked thanks 

Thank you for this game Azure. Happy Birthday to you as well. I wish I could make such great games like you as well. You are amazing.

What's stopping you?

I have zero programming knowledge. I tried learning Python and RPGmaker's Ruby but I cannot seem to get my head around it all. I also much prefer to make an action based scrolling game rather than turn based. 

game maker language is pretty simple, i expected you to say something art related, since thats what gets most people.

happy bday

Happy birthday! 

Thanks so much for the game Happy birthday xD!

Thank you for the free game, and happy birthday :D