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So, I bought this from DLsite, and am looking to install the uncensor patch, but there doesn't appear to be a graphics folder for me to unzip the stuff to. I can only assume it's inside the rgss3a file, which I don't know how to edit. Any ideas?

i didnt know i sent it to dlsite encrypted, you'll need to rip the game to install the patch.

i posted a mega link to the ripper here with instructions

the rgss3a file is basically a zip the game reads from.

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Thanks man!

EDIT: One problem I'm having though, I'm trying to extract the files, and it says success, but I can't find the extracted files anywhere! Any idea what's going on here? Do they get extracted to some new folder in an obscure location or something?

NEW EDIT: Nevermind, putting the decrypter into the same folder as the game somehow made it work.

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Running into multiple errors while playing this? Game crashes sometimes when I try to use fireballs or melee attacks? Just to point out, this isn't a constant error, just sporadic, figured I'd let you know?


i've heard only one person say this so far and I have no idea why... i do need to upload a new version anyway because one of the rooms teleports to the wrong place once a trap is triggered.

i upped a new version, mext time you get an error can you copy paste it here?

Sure thing!