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Marielle's Mansion Madness Is a sequel to my game https://azurezero.itch.io/milk-megami-marielle

You can purchase a bundle of both games here


In this game, Marielle finds herself trapped in a haunted mansion, in the control of a ghastly spirit that seeks to collect sex slaves, and she's next on his list.

This is a simple rpgmaker game,  with action and puzzle gameplay. 

Marielle must avoid capture by enemies until she can weaken the seal on the mansion enough to use her firepowers to fight back. If she gets grabbed she'll lose clothing and get screwed. If she succumbs it's all over for her.

Usual disclaimer applies, don't play if you're not 18, or if you don't like sex slave fantasies.


Animated sex scenes. 

Simple and lewd gameplay.

Grapple system (struggle free when grabbed by enemies)


Z to confirm/examine.

X to cancel/open menu.

Arrow keys to move.

Hold Shift to run.

fireballs (once obtained)

S to cast fire. Q to reload.


Get this game and 18 more for $45.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$6.50 USD or more

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Marielle's Mansion Madness.exe 90 MB
Save16.rvdata2 153 kB

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Dlsite uncensor patch - extract to Graphics Pictures.zip 66 MB


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So, I bought this from DLsite, and am looking to install the uncensor patch, but there doesn't appear to be a graphics folder for me to unzip the stuff to. I can only assume it's inside the rgss3a file, which I don't know how to edit. Any ideas?

i didnt know i sent it to dlsite encrypted, you'll need to rip the game to install the patch.


i posted a mega link to the ripper here with instructions

the rgss3a file is basically a zip the game reads from.

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Thanks man!

EDIT: One problem I'm having though, I'm trying to extract the files, and it says success, but I can't find the extracted files anywhere! Any idea what's going on here? Do they get extracted to some new folder in an obscure location or something?

NEW EDIT: Nevermind, putting the decrypter into the same folder as the game somehow made it work.

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Running into multiple errors while playing this? Game crashes sometimes when I try to use fireballs or melee attacks? Just to point out, this isn't a constant error, just sporadic, figured I'd let you know?


i've heard only one person say this so far and I have no idea why... i do need to upload a new version anyway because one of the rooms teleports to the wrong place once a trap is triggered.

i upped a new version, mext time you get an error can you copy paste it here?

Sure thing!