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Princess Ren Returns is an RPG Maker VXA RPG.
It follows the story of Princess Ren,
whom in Damsel Quest was kidnapped and dropped into the Castle of Dark Illusions where she was assaulted by figments born of her repressed lust.
She escaped after obtaining the powers of a demon, and now she returns home...

To find the castle a mess.
An imposter took her place, the soldiers are running rampant, the girls are committing acts of wanton debauchery, and the dimensions of the castle have become twisted and filled with lewd beasts and fairies.

The barrier governing the castle is turned against Ren, sealing her powers up so now she must fight her way around the castle to bring it back under her control, and topple the menace who took her appearance.

on map encounters (as opposed to random encounters).
rudimentary clothing damage - enemies will try to render you naked and vulnerable.
non-standard game overs for almost all enemy types.
ARMOR BREAK - some enemies can have their armor removed in combat.

find the demo here


the full game is uncensored.

DEMO note- you may have to restart your game when purchasing the full version of the game, as some things have changed since the demo's creation.


Get this game and 2 more for $12.00 USD
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I'm wondering does this game include Impregnation?

there's at least one instance of slime impregnation. i had a lot of fun writing that game over.

i would buy this game but i got a question is this game based on bondage, tied up and gag girls? or is based on hentai sex ecc....?? i like the first one:D:D:D:D

it's a hentai game but there is an equippable gag for the mc (which actually has a proper purpose i think)

hmmm its a full h game, not like didnapper that didnt go further than girls in bondage.

majo let you tie up girls though, give the demo of that a look

Someone reported a bug that slipped through the net in this version, reuploading now

Replaced now

Hey man, so I am currently playing your game Princess Ren Returns and just entered the castle at the beggining of the game but cant seem to get past those 4 orcs. Can you give me a tip on what to do?

it's a thing from lilipalace. you escape from the 4 and this has ren back off into a choke point so she can fight them one at a time

Ah OK I'll try this out thanks