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Risky's Card Battle is a simple game about a greedy girl.

in her last game; https://azurezero.itch.io/riskys-dice-battle-nsfw she staked her body in a tournament to make large amounts of money.

but in this game she finds herself captured by a malicious bunny girl and forced to fight for freedom in a seedy underground fighting arena. loser gets fucked rules. only the winners go free.

The game is small, consisting of just 2 fights, which are determined by the card based mechanics, blackjack and higher or lower determine the flow of battle and the damage dealt to the opponent. but there's also content outside of that, and an alternate ending if you can solve the puzzle guarding it.

adults only

small sex game, not to be taken seriously though the content could be considered dark by some.

fetishes include (but are not limited to): wrestling, yuri, anal, group sex, mind break and mind control.

made in rpgmaker vx ace, requires vx ace rtp (google it, its free)


Get this game and 18 more for $45.00 USD
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hey so I downloaded this game but as far as I'm aware the BGM didn't download with it if you could help that would be cool

which background music is missing? i cant remember using any non rtp music in this... you might just need to google the vx ace rtp

everytime I beat the first fight it says it's missing BGM_004 so I assumed it was background music

alright I fixed it thanks for the help and sorry for wasting your time

How do I pass the girl on the 2nd stage? I didnt even take damage and it still gave me a game over. plz help

what specifically is happening?

ok ill tell in the best order I can.

The match starts after the 1st fight like normal. Then during the cutscene my characters clothes pop off as soon as she says <I wont lose > my guess is that part is just part of the challenge. The game plays like normal all though the match. But know matter how the match ends its say Iv become a sex slave and I have to fight all over again. I got the game over with the guys doing a gangbang, I got the lesbian version of that, and the one where the blond is in cuffs and they say I won the match, but shortly after iv been sold as a slave. I also won the match without taking any damage at all. What am I doing wrong? 


it sounds like youre playing the demo? i cant find the i won't lose line anywhere in the event.

in the demo if you won she'd automatically turn it around on you so you didnt get to see all the content.

Oh ok I did pay for the game I paid $3.00 I guess it was the trail and I didnt realize it 

no this is very weird... i dont even have the demo anymore... the dlsite demo was the demo for risky dice accidentally and the mega account got hacked...
ah i found the i wont lose line... i didnt know it was at the start of the fight...

the start of the fight seems to set them both to 5 armor points each so you shouldnt be being stripped immediately

did you lose your clothing in the previous fight? cause that could explain it... but thats a serious bug all the same

When I try to download this Demo, it gives me Risky's DICE Battle, not this. Any help?

http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE194714.html the demo here should work

no...even the dlsite version is cocked up... this games been out for years...  how come no ones complained the demo isnt for the right game? (on dlsite)

since i cant recreate my demo i'll record some footage instead

so when will it work?

ah crap... none of the footage is safe for youtube

Deleted 1 year ago

That's odd... unless you mean the demo...because my mega got hacked a while back.

http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE194714.html you can get the demo here

Deleted 1 year ago

Bugs fixed, uploaded new version

I want to buy this game but sadly it will not take my card :( is there a way you could open up paypal?

I added my paypal to the account, you should be able to use it now.