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When I try to download this Demo, it gives me Risky's DICE Battle, not this. Any help? the demo here should work

no...even the dlsite version is cocked up... this games been out for years...  how come no ones complained the demo isnt for the right game? (on dlsite)

since i cant recreate my demo i'll record some footage instead

so when will it work?

ah crap... none of the footage is safe for youtube

I can't get the download to start

That's odd... unless you mean the demo...because my mega got hacked a while back. you can get the demo here

i got the download to work i'm not completely sure but i guess it needed to validate my purchase

Bugs fixed, uploaded new version

I want to buy this game but sadly it will not take my card :( is there a way you could open up paypal?

I added my paypal to the account, you should be able to use it now.