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[Adults Only]

SD Quest is a small rpg about two girls escaping a dungeon, they were taken from different worlds to be turned into sex slaves.

Now they have to team up to escape.

This game, While having a chibi/super deformed art style has some scenes of fantasy violence some might find distasteful or even triggering, given that it's a game about sex slavery I hope the viewers think before playing the demo.

if you lose, bad things are going to happen to the characters.

There are comedic aspects to the game, the two characters: Kenzie and Lili bicker a lot.

the combat system features clothing damage and the ability to tie up or be tied up by some enemies.

This game requires the rpgmaker vx ace run time package.

Disclaimer: all characters depicted are over 18 (probably 20) despite the chibi style.


Gallery unlocked upon game completion.


March 9th 2016 -Some people were getting a stack overflow error during kenzie's hypnotist boss so i rearranged my scripts to see if that helped...it did, also got rid of a bug where lili's tied up pic stayed after her breaking free (under the rest of her), this one was just i moved all her layers up one when adding something below (spoilers), and forgot to change the layer of the bondage pic too :3 sorted now

StatusIn development
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAdult, Anime, Erotic, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Hentai, RPG Maker
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Get this game and 23 more for $65.00 USD
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SD Quest demo (1st feb fixed).exe 16 MB


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this was a lot of fun

thank you :3

how do you beat castiel with only kenzie

level up to the point you get the self buff ability, pay attention to the turn count, and DONT silence castiel cause then she stops following a pattern that gives you a chance to heal on the turn she counters

Really great game but how can I beat the Hypnotist Boss with Lili? :'(

it's been a while but i tended to learn poison cloud from them and cast it back at them.

hopefully you're not running into the bugs that crash the game though... that fight had 2 different ones...

Great game. But, I Can't find the galley after I beat the game

it's behind the purple darkness door right at the start of the game. i think you only need beat the game to open it.

the one in the 2nd room in the game. its persistent, so it shouldnt matter what save or new game you use



Hey guy stuck puzzle black ball can u help me


ik im a lil late... BUT HOW THE FUK DO I DO THE PUZZLE

which one?

the first one

it's been a while, you could be talking about opening the first spell door that requires lightning or the box moving puzzle

box moving

since there's two of those, i'll just link this

i dont remember which levels i used but its a short video

Puzzle black ball

first level in this video

Neither Kenzie neither Lili can use the skill Counterstance sold by Lexichu so who is it for?

level based. kenzie learns it though

You mean Kenzie learns it through level up? So there is no point to buy it from Lexichu?

she can't learn it from the shop until she hits the level.

You could mention it in the game. Which level is required?

20 at most.

What was Kiri doing here?

Also, her Incite skill is useless because it is supposed to make an opponent hit Lili with hidden skill so Lili learns it but it doesn't make them use their skill, they merely attack most of the time, moreover since their target is random, they hit Kenzie instead of Lili most of the time and so Lili doesn't learn the skill. Could you make the Incite skill to make the opponent always hit Lili with their spell so it becomes actually useful please?

it's twice as likely they use it than the other moves. can't remember which slime uses thunder.

Medislim cast thunder but Lili learnt it from the beginning, what I said is that twice as likely is not enough because I happen to use Incite to make, let's say, spellcasters to hit Lili with Water so Lili leanrs it but I swear that it took ages because they casted only Wave almost all of the time and when they rarely casted Water, it was on Kenzie!

So I would say the Incite skill needs 2 improvements:

1) Instead of randomly casting spells which can cause that the same spell is repeatedly casted, make sure that the Incite skill makes the targeted opponent to cast all of their spells in a row, I mean spell 1 at the first turn, spell 2 at the second turn, spell 3 at the third turn...etc.

2) Make sure that the targeted opponent targets Lili when she uses her Incite skill instead of targetting at random which can cause that they repeatedly target Kenzie.

Also, you didn't answer to my question: What was Kiri doing here? I am curious about it.

it's a cameo, demon wing ren is also in the pub sucking dick.

it's not canon though. 

Oh no, so it was really Ren in this humiliating position in the bar! I said to myself that it couldn't be her, no way the heroic princess would be in this disgusting place and would act prideless. But it was really her after all... Why did you make this? Why did you humiliate your heroine for no reason like that? I really dislike to see Ren like this if it is not a game over scene because I can understand that you punish her if she fails but here, what did she do to deserve such humiliation?

It is canon if it is the work of the original creator, which it is.

So you just wanted to make cameos from your other games, I understood that much, however cameos have to fit into the setting. Kiri's appearance is off-topic here, it doesn't fit into the setting, which caused me to feel puzzled about it and ask you "What Kiri was doing here?".

Same for Ren, her presence here is absolutely off-topic, like Kiri's, they don't make sense and just harm the game's consistency. If you want to make your characters make appearances in each other games, then at least please think about a setting which fits to do so.

If Ren was here, it would be to shut down the place. Maybe because this place is in her kingdom, she heard about it, came to investigate it, and knowing her character, she definitely woud want to get rid of this disgusting place in her kingdom.

Kiri would be here to support her along with Emi since the 3 of them are a team.

The only reason I find they would be here would be to shut down the place.

They might make an appearance at the end of the game, we could see them arriving leading the royal army to assault the dungeon and capture the slavers, puting an end to the traffic of women.

Actually that would improve the conclusion because it has always bothered me that Kenzie and Lili escape the dungeon and leave everyone behind in their misery as if they don't care about the other victims of this traffic, as if they don't feel any empathy.

I have always wished an ending where the traffic is terminated and all of the women are saved.

And since you wanted to make Ren and Kiri make an appearance in this game, the game could conclude with Kenzie and Lili informing the royal guard of the traffic of women going on in Ren's kingdom and then Ren, Emi and Kiri leading the royal army to assault the place and arrest everyone to put an end to the traffic of women, this would be a satisfying conclusion. :-)

The current conclusion which is "Kenzie and Lili escape and the slavers keep doing their disgusting business ever after." doesn't feel satisfying because it feels really selfish, yes the heroines are free, but what about the other women? No one cares about them? I do.

that's not how canon works.

The rope is still in the inventory even though I have tied it to the pier to climb up to the upper level after the 2nd floor's doors and so I don't have it anymore.

(2 edits)

Say, is there any use to the vibrators or are they here only because it is funny that Lili secretly takes them?

And what about the blue slime added to the inventory after each battle with slims?

you can sell them for infinite money...but is still slow

(1 edit)

I can indeed sell the vibrators but I can't sell the slime.

By the way, I didn't mention it before, but the refresh rate of the animated sprites in battles is terrible! The sprites of the opponents wave up and down but they are torn up.

that's a script.

Could you please tell me in which order you have made your games from the first to the last? Because it obviously doesn't match the order in which you have published them on Itch.

dlsite has the correct order (unless i didnt release it on dlsite)

(1 edit)

Thank you, now I can finally play your games in the proper order. :-)

Hey! We are missing Princess Escape, EroJanken, Nun Vs Tentacles, Yuko: A Daring Slave's Escape and DeepGround Lab here on Itch! Could you bring them here too please?

Also, is Princess Escape the actual first game in the Princess Ren saga since it features her before Damsel Quest?

Anyway, they all seem interesting, please bring them here too. :-)

princess escape is kind of a bad game, i dont even have a copy of it anymore.
and thats a different version of ren than the one in the dq series.
i gave it away at one point, so if you can find a pirated copy go nuts.

the other games are all kind of bad except deepground lab, which i also dont have a copy of (after my mega got hit by a hacker a few years back)

Ah you were not satisfied with Princess Escape so you basically forgot it and replaced it with Damsel Quest. Then I guess it is not worth attention. I didn't play much Damsel Quest because I didn't get into it but I really enjoyed Damsel Quest 2: Princess Ren Returns which is my current favorite of your games that I played so far (I didn't play Damsel Quest 3 yet, I am currently playing Witch Dungeon and Marielle Mansion Madness got me fed up with the sliding tiles puzzle which got me stuck for a while until I give up.) even though its conclusion feels dumb. :-) By the way, since you have continued the story with a sequel, don't you think you should now update Damsel Quest 2's conclusion in order to make the link with Damsel Quest 3? Because DQ2 concludes with "The castle was left in a mess but the 3 protagonists didn't care because they lived happily together ever after, the end." then DQ3 came to say "Actually no, I changed my mind, they didn't live happily ever after, it didn't end like this, they dealt with the mess after all.". :-3 My point is that DQ2's conclusion was meant to be the definitive conclusion so now that you have continued the story, this conclusion is outdated and could use an update to make the link with DQ3, don't you think? ;-)

I don't understand, since dlsite is hosting DeepGround Lab, can't you ask them to give you a copy?

the dlsite version would be censored, and each sequel in the damsel quest series answers questions left unanswered in the previous one.
first game had ren kidnapped, but you're never told who did it or why,

2nd game ends without emi being cured so thats the driving force of the plot of the 3rd game.

I still experience the bug where lili's tied up pic stayed after her breaking free (under the rest of her). I downloaded the 28th feb version, should I have downloaded the 12th september 2017 version instead? Since you didn't mention the year of the 28th feb version, I'm not sure if it is the fixed version or if it is outdated.

there is a game breaking bug in one of the versions that doesnt happen to everyone (in a boss fight) the other version deals with the fight in a different way. since it never happens to me unless i load a save where it happens  i could never figure out what causes it.

and the september version is the most up to date

Damn it, then I chose the outdated version! Could you please remove the february outdated version from the downloads to make sure than everyone downloads the up to date version?

Hmm, Itch app doesn't propose to install the september version, it proposes only the february version or the demo. Could you also check what is wrong with the download for the up to date version please?

its probably not flagged as windows.
i'm keeping both versions because the original version that crashes in the boss fight for some people portrayed the scene in the fight a little bit better.

(2 edits)

Ah, now I was able to install the september version from Itch app, thank you for having fixed the issue. :-)

Is the game breaking boss fight bug the one that I read about making some people's game crash when the prettier younger hypnotist twin uses Kenzie's name to hypnotize her?

And if you want to keep both versions available, could you at least mention the year of the february version exe in order for people to be able to know which one is the lastest? :-)

it is the hypnosis fight

Why are there 2 downloads for the same game? Which one is the most up to date, 28th feb of unknown year or 12th september 2017? Also, what is the point of keeping an outdated version in the downloads if there is an up to date version available? This only causes confusion because we don't know which one to choose?

I want to buy the bundle but Paypal doesnt exist here :/
But great work (demo version) :3

Thanks, i didn't even know paypal allowed you to buy it.

is stripe also not available?

Stripe is there but i dont have a credit card only normal one ._.
I dont know other stuff is payable with paypal so If you have paypal, i will buy every game instantly^^"

so it's not that you don't have paypal, but that paypal doesnt appear as an option? thats cause my games are nsfw and as such are against paypal's TOS.

Hello there,

I just downloaded the demo and it did not run.

did it say you need to get the rtp?

yes. I think...

google can help you there.


by the way here is the solution that I have found. Just run the setup file and then run the game.


Nice game by the way.

:3 the product page did say you needed it.

Ran into a bug during the hypnotist fight. After the guy uses echo screen the game freezes up then crashes with a popup.

the error message says:

SystemStackError occurred

stack level too deep

i still don't know why that happens to some people and not others, like, normally it only happens when you have a duplicate of a script.

but I don't.
the crash itself only happens to me if i use a save of someone it happens to. so i dont really know what causes it.

(1 edit)

oh, and did you write shifujo as your name for kenzie?

Yeah, why?

that let someone else who got the crash to get past it. can you link your save from before the fight and i'll  do what I can.

Is there a way to deal with echo screen? I even saved up and got counter stance for kenzie but I still can't get through the hypnotist.

I can't remember the specific tactic for it was besides writing shifujo as your name

Thank you.

was that the only thing you needed? using that name ends the fight early as well as avoiding the instant loss of using kenzie

Yes, Thank you

I can't find a Magic Water anywhere, so lost as to what to do... I've been grinding the Mages for like 6 levels now.

Apparently it's  the futa girls that have them... which is odd...since im sure you cant go back to the first floor without lili.

This games been out for over a year and somehow you are the first to run into this issue... patching... uploading new version in 5 minutes


Thank you, and HOLY HELL is the Dominatrix hard... there's a special way to defeat her isn't there?

shes easier if you dont silence her, and you learn a skill that helps at around level 12... theres a routine to her counter attack but thats a turn she wastes not attacking. if you silence her theres no gap in attacks for you to safely heal


It's basically a pattern boss. though it can be tricky if you dont count the turns properly

do you accept American express because every time i try it it says its denied.

I don't know what is and what isn't accepted by stripe. it does have security checks so let me see if i have any failed ones...
thats a lot of failures... it says it's failing a zip check, i presume thats something to do with postcode

payment declined by bank

it's near the end of the month so if you pledge the amount you were gonna give me to my patreon i can get the game to you in 3 days, paypal is allowed on there so it should make things easier


(2 edits)

Nevermind i payed with visa and added a extra 5.00 usd to the minimum price to help support you so keep up the good work.

You finally managed to get the payment through then :3


fixed a bug with the customer transporter room, please redownload.

wasn't technically a bug btw...i just deleted a script i needed by accident like a dummy