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Is there a way to deal with echo screen? I even saved up and got counter stance for kenzie but I still can't get through the hypnotist.

I can't remember the specific tactic for it was besides writing shifujo as your name

Thank you.

was that the only thing you needed? using that name ends the fight early as well as avoiding the instant loss of using kenzie

Yes, Thank you

I can't find a Magic Water anywhere, so lost as to what to do... I've been grinding the Mages for like 6 levels now.

Apparently it's  the futa girls that have them... which is odd...since im sure you cant go back to the first floor without lili.

This games been out for over a year and somehow you are the first to run into this issue... patching... uploading new version in 5 minutes


Thank you, and HOLY HELL is the Dominatrix hard... there's a special way to defeat her isn't there?

shes easier if you dont silence her, and you learn a skill that helps at around level 12... theres a routine to her counter attack but thats a turn she wastes not attacking. if you silence her theres no gap in attacks for you to safely heal


It's basically a pattern boss. though it can be tricky if you dont count the turns properly

do you accept American express because every time i try it it says its denied.

I don't know what is and what isn't accepted by stripe. it does have security checks so let me see if i have any failed ones...
thats a lot of failures... it says it's failing a zip check, i presume thats something to do with postcode

payment declined by bank

it's near the end of the month so if you pledge the amount you were gonna give me to my patreon i can get the game to you in 3 days, paypal is allowed on there so it should make things easier

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Nevermind i payed with visa and added a extra 5.00 usd to the minimum price to help support you so keep up the good work.

You finally managed to get the payment through then :3


fixed a bug with the customer transporter room, please redownload.

wasn't technically a bug btw...i just deleted a script i needed by accident like a dummy