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the youtube vid isn't mine. looks li

You awake shackled to a stony dungeon wall.
A demon girl offers you a deal. Give her part of your soul in exchange for the power to escape.
This is a simple puzzle platformer with various sex scenes for losing.

Controls: W (jump), A&D (move left&right), mouse to select items, left click to attack

Contents: 26 levels of puzzles, 9 ero CGs, 9 ero pixel animations.

similar content warning to my other games, theyre about people escaping sex slavery (and sometimes failing) dont play if you dont like that kind of content


Get this game and 18 more for $45.00 USD
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hey I just paid for this and cant download it would appreciate some help

are you on something that isnt windows? I can enable them for the other platforms but cant guarantee they work

Is it possible to give this game a demo? Short on bucks at the moment

it isn't really possible tbh... i dont have the project file anymore... i feel like there used to be a demo but my mega got hacked a while back.

Can you reupload it or something please, I still can't get a proper zip from it.

i have done so, and also flagged them both as windows only. maybe that will help

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thank you, but it still won't let me, and I am on windows.

no idea then. sorry

could you perchance unrar then rerar it, or use a different program to compact it, please?

Last time i uploaded it i used a different zip program.

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Deleted 3 years ago