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Witch Dungeon Lab is a simple puzzle action game starring Kana, A member of the Royal Guard sent to investigate A magical research facility and retrieve a powerful artifact. Upon arrival however she is dropped into the basement and taunted by Malice the Witch.

Now she must evade the experiments and solve puzzles to find the exit.

This game features explicit depictions of sexual activity and like my other games Kana is subjected to various sexual punishments when you fail puzzles or fail to avoid enemies properly.

first play through should be 1-2 hours. The demo covers the first quarter of the game roughly


typical rpgmaker fare

z - confirm


arrow keys to move

hold shift to run


Get this game and 2 more for $15.00 USD
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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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When the executioner go to Lady Akane office to arrest her, her flower is back on her head, you didn't use her right sprite.

And when Kana, Malice and Princess Iris are having tea weeks later, Kana is naked for no reason, you didn't use her right sprite either.

Also, Princess Iris is naughty, I didn't see her coming! :-3

Lady Akane escaped and announced that she will come back so is there going to be a sequel? I sure want to play more with Kana, Malice and Princess Iris! :-D

In the plantgirl game over scene, the name is Zwei instead of Kana.

Where specificially? i don't see any \n[2]'s here

(2 edits)

If you play Witch Dungeon and you give a water flask to a wrong San in order to discover a game over scene (Because I actually chose the right one in my first try since I knew that "san" means "three". :-3), you will see that in this scene, Kana's name is Zwei instead of Kana. Play the game and you will see.

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I interact with the yellow book on the table in the small room at the bottom of the library and it opens but it doesn't show any text like the red one does. Isn't it supposed to display a text too?

Guess i just never thought of anything to put in it.

Hello, i was wondering would be posible to allow paying with paypal?  since stripe doesnt work on my contry i dont really have another way of buyinh :,/

no can do I'm afraid. though you can always pledge the amount to my patreon and i can send you a key.
it'd be a pain to do it for everyone though.

 like if i pledge 10 $ i could get the glasses bundle?

yup, sure, just message me after the pledge.

trying sending funds/premium points to your deviantart then ask azure if you can send him the points that way as payment- premium points convert into real money.

I don't accept payment in points. or amazon gift cards.

well just trying to help this guy down here. If you have a patreon link you should give him that then.

I'm unable to get the final orb from the statue-guardian room. The nearest switch (up the stairs by the plants) only gives 8 seconds,  which isn't quite enough to run to grab the orb and get out again unless there's a nearer switch I'm missing?  

which room do you mean by statue guardian? do you mean the one where the red orb was initially? cause you need to swap the purple orb for a 2nd blue orb

Oh my, I didn't even notice I had two. Thank you! 

its rpgmakers fault for only giving me one of those door slabs

(1 edit)

I don't know if it's just me, but I can't figure out what to do after getting the blue orb.

all the doors are opened by all the switches for the time limit

is there any other way to pay except credit card or bit coin

I don't do it for everyone but you can always pledge the amount to my patreon which lets you use paypal i think. Patreons not meant to be used for single sales. still https://www.patreon.com/Azurezero go nuts. just be sure to message which games you wanted afterwards.

Apparently it's not available for Windows?

do you mean the demo? it should only be available for windows


changed the demo so its flagged as windows

Thanks. Downloaded now just fine.

i didnt know it even detected os when downloading... that's a bit of an issue since people with macs can always use windows emulator

(2 edits)

I think I found a bug in the room with the purple dust. If the monster catches me the screen goes black and some text is displayed about it being too big, but with no CG. Once the text finishes the game room reappears with Kana naked in the area where the monster was trapped. The monster itself is frozen and can't be interacted with, and leaving the room does not help. I am using the most recent version of the game and here is a copy of the relevant save.

Edit: Re-downloaded the game and started a new game, same issue.

i think last time i updated it i started to add a scene for the orc. but couldnt come up with a proper cg idea for it. it used to just trigger a game over though

Ah okay, I'll just avoid it then, thanks for letting me know.

i really wish i couldve done a cg but i sat there for hours being unable to actually draw anything worth finishing

(1 edit)

No worries, was mostly just making sure there was supposed to be a game over there, so I would be sure not to save after.

Because you draw your CGs yourself? I'm impressed!

Say, I know an amazing hentai RPG Maker game which is being developed but its development is slow because it lacks CGs and the developer has a hard time to find suitable CGs artists. I have seen your drawing style in your games and I can totally picture it in their game, your style perfectly suits their game! :-D So I want to ask you: Is there any chance that you would be willing to draw CGs for this game if it inspires you?

i can barely draw for myself, and im too expensive to be used that way.

Can anyone help me please? im stuck on the firewalker potion section, got all the ingredients i just cant figure out what order to mix them in

you're trying to get the number 10 and you need to be stood in the hexagram by the fire when you drink it.
the doppler disc multiplies by 2, frost blossom is -1,  purple dust is 3, and voltaic horn is 4.

horn (4), doppler(8), other two in either order makes 10

So I just bought the game and it doesnt seem to download, even on the itch client, the demo doesnt work either.

Well I got the game now, but I am so lost as to what to do now.

where are you stuck?

I've just unlocked the library >.>;

the dagger in the top right of the library, you need to use it in the menu to get the key for the door with the dagger emblem
let me know once you have the blue gem and cant figure out what to do to get through the other doors in the room with the 4 pedestals for orbs

Okay I'm there.

you use the switch behind the code lock. then run to the other rooms

(1 edit)

I just finished it. Great game. I gave a few hints for bugfix already. I hope everyone will give it a go. Some puzzles are a bit tricky and I wish there was more use to some sections (the dominatrix zone could use another puzzle maybe)  

Do let me know if the latest version doesn't work. my mega got hacked so i had to upload another version.

Probably, some screenshots would help to encourage to play and buy the game... ;)

apologies the notification only came 30 minutes ago, you can find some on the dlsite page here http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE180836.html

though the demo would give you a better idea :3

Deleted 3 years ago

paypal don't like adult content, if i had automatic payments on patreon we could do it that way instead but that feature hasn't got to everyone yet

Deleted 3 years ago

yeah but im still responsible for what is sold, tax too... flagging a game as nsfw doesn't disable paying with paypal, i deliberately didnt link my paypal cause ive been in trouble with them before and i dont want to lose my account (kajio lost £3k in sales when he was reported)

Deleted 3 years ago

still, if you pledge to my patreon towards the end of the month i can get the game to you, just send me a message once the payments cleared next month and i'll hook you up with a mega link.


Managed to forget to add a game over scene for the plantgirls, fixed now but i cant email everyone cause of the bug fixes i emailed out before i slept