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Do let me know if the latest version doesn't work. my mega got hacked so i had to upload another version.

Probably, some screenshots would help to encourage to play and buy the game... ;)

apologies the notification only came 30 minutes ago, you can find some on the dlsite page here

though the demo would give you a better idea :3

I can't pay with Paypal, and sadly that's the only way I would be able to pay for something like this.

paypal don't like adult content, if i had automatic payments on patreon we could do it that way instead but that feature hasn't got to everyone yet

I've seen other users using Paypal for NSFW games, maybe because it's through

yeah but im still responsible for what is sold, tax too... flagging a game as nsfw doesn't disable paying with paypal, i deliberately didnt link my paypal cause ive been in trouble with them before and i dont want to lose my account (kajio lost £3k in sales when he was reported)

Ouch, okay yeah that's just straight up rude of Paypal, and I get it's their choice but WTF... Aww well, life sucks.

still, if you pledge to my patreon towards the end of the month i can get the game to you, just send me a message once the payments cleared next month and i'll hook you up with a mega link.


Managed to forget to add a game over scene for the plantgirls, fixed now but i cant email everyone cause of the bug fixes i emailed out before i slept